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Solar Savers offers you the “gold standard” in solar heat and hot water. Our systems are built to last. For this reason, we specialize in “drainback” systems. Drainback can be tricky to install, due to the precise plumbing required. This challenge is well worth the increased reliability and efficiency that a low-pressure, water based solar collection system provides. Your water-heater may be responsible for 2000 lbs. (natural gas) to 3000 lbs. (electric) of CO2 pollution every year. Solar hot water, if used wisely, can eliminate virtually ALL of this. This is one of the best investments you can make in renewable energy. All systems are eligible for a 30% tax credit. Local rebates are available.

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We repair Carter-era systems too!

Many thermal systems were installed when our government, in response to oil-shocks, offered substantial rebates for solar heating and hot water systems. These systems can have a very long life if they get the service they need. A typical hot water system can save you $150 to $500 a year in utility costs. A larger space-heating system can save much more than this. Of course, in addition to saving money, these systems prevent the release of many tons of carbon dioxide!

Your average plumber or HVAC technician has never seen a solar thermal system and may not know how to properly diagnose problems or improve efficiency. If you call us, you can be sure to get experienced, creative, and caring technicians who will keep your thermal system running strong.

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